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Working out with elastic exercise bandRipcords Exercise Bands

»This month we're featuring Ripcords at ElasticExercise.com

Ripcords are among the most popular elastic exercise bands brands out there. The nice thing about them is that each band comes with a handle which allows you to work out with a partner or switch quickly between different bands. This is especially useful when you're doing a circuit (like the one on the Ripcords Circuit7 DVD available in certain bundles). This is because you won't always be able to do all exercises with the same tension band.

Ripcords packages include a door hook which allows you to do numerous upper and lower body exercises by attaching the bands to a standard door.

A feature that really sets Ripcords apart from other brands is the quality of the tubing. It is very strong and durable. They back up their product with a really solid 90 day satisfaction and an industry-first lifetime warranty.

Elastic excercise band kitRipcords Features at a Glance:

Available in 6 different tensions from beginner to advanced
Handles on every band
90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
Lifetime Warranty
Available Circuit7 DVD

Street Price: $37.90 - 67.90 for Complete Kits

Ricords Exercise Bands

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